Fun and Free Summer Activities for Kids

Whether indoors or outdoors, there are several types of budget-friendly activities you can do with your child that will pique their interest and provide fun and entertainment for all involved! From sensory games, physically active playtime or a task that creatively engages the imagination, you will have fun combining these elements.

Check out our summer activities for kids.

Make Leaf Stamps

Grab your shoes and some sunblock, then head out for a neighborhood stroll. There are so many different types of leaves on the bushes, the ground, and the trees – all waiting to be discovered within your own neighborhood or backyard. As you walk with your child, let them choose leaves of varying sizes and shapes to bring home after enjoying the sun.

Once home, grab a sheet of paper and marker to create a leaf stamp by coloring the face of the leaf and pressing it onto the paper. Make a tree, turkey or T-Rex from different shaped leaves and colored markers. This is a fun activity that helps facilitate physical activity for your child as they explore their outdoor environment, engaging their senses as they feel the textures of the various leaves while gathering and creating.

Arrange a Color Category Hunt

Your home is sure to have items of various shades that can be grouped together, from the color of your clothing to the color of a pencil. Create several color categories and have your child point out colors they recognize in your home from each category. For each correct answer, reward them with a high five, a hug or a healthy treat.

This activity will engage your child’s problem-solving skills, and it can be customized to include shapes, or other learning goals such as counting and reciting their ABCs. They will appreciate the positive reinforcement as you bond closer through this experience.

Make Some Nature Soup

This activity is perfect for a hot summer day and is sure to be one that you and your toddler will love. Grab a bowl or container of any size. Next, collect leaves, flowers, pinecones or any other work of nature that catches the eye, and place them into your bowl.

Once you collect all the ingredients, fill your bowl with water and you will have nature soup. This is a perfect summer activity for kids that engages them with the sights, textures and smells of nature. It also allows them to experience the sensation of water-play and facilitates an imaginative venture that keeps them cool in the sun.

Blow Some Bubbles

This classic activity is one that both babies and toddlers are sure to enjoy. As your baby watches in amazement while the bubbles come floating down and reaches up to touch them, their fine motor skills are being developed. Your energetic toddler will love running and jumping as they try to catch all of the bubbles before they hit the ground.

For an upgrade to this summer activity for kids, take a quick trip to a discount store. Most have bubble formula that includes glycerin, the ingredient that helps make bigger, longer-lasting bubbles. Blowing bubbles together is sure to bring enjoyment and laughter for all parties involved.

There are plenty of options when it comes to finding fun summer activities for kids, and Kids Incorporated of the Big Bend has options for every season. We offer Early Head Start services in Leon, Jefferson and Madison counties for infants and toddlers, years 0-3. We include the entire family in programs geared to educate and close the gap in learning. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to the health, wellness and education of all those we serve. For more information on our services or becoming a volunteer, please visit us at